December 31, 1898

ELLA:   Sat., Dec. 31 Make pies.  Finish the trousers.  John L. Tuttle takes dinner with us.  Bathe children, &tc.  The old year dies to-night.  Heaven is near to earth & God remembers His children in mercy.  His mercy has been very great this past year.


In the back of the diary, the following notes were written:

Butter acct.  From Oct 1 to Jan 1

115 lbs.   $22.42

Jan 8 15 lbs.  $3.00

~in Nov. “Accounts”  listing:  “doll head   .10”

~cholera pills:  lead, opium & camphor, each one gram to be taken at night before bedtime.

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2 Responses to December 31, 1898

  1. deborah says:

    OMG – those pills!
    who was taking deadly things?

  2. Cholera was so nasty, I suppose they’d try anything. Actually, one of the things they called “cholera” was not the deadly stuff we think of, but “cholera morbus, which was more like a ghastly gastroenteritis. Ella writes of that now and then, too.

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