November 11, 1924

Tues., 11   We go to St. Albans, Tuttle & I. Cool but sunny. Grace stays at home to attend to her trade.  This is Armistice Day, and we see the Parade pass through the streets. Our Main St. Burlington Winooski & St. Albans have the flags planted by the American Legion along the Main Streets, at the outer edge of the sidewalks. Find the children well & glad to see us: have a good dinner & Tuttle leaves me at Helen’s 109 Buell St. She has a sick girl to look after & little time to visit, so it is disappointing. Go to sleep in Helen’s bed & she pulls out a bed from the wall & sleeps in her reception room.


The lack of commas is hers. Helen, Ella’s sister, lives on Buell St. in Burlington. I do not know why she is looking after a “sick girl” or why she has a reception room, but I suspect she might take in boarders.

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