February 28, 1926

Sun., 28  Henrietta comes across the lots on snow shoes & turns her ankle, which gets very painful. Karl & Warner come later. Grace does not attend church as she is on a milk diet. None of them attend. We have Anna’s fish, which are very nice. It is a lovely day. I write the children & look over the papers. Get a sermon in the evening from Pittsburg (Presbyterian). Henrietta chloroforms Peter & Karl takes her away. Poor old Peter! It was time, but I shall miss her small black form out in the meadow in the morning when Spring opens. She was about 12 years old. Poor old Peter!


Here is a poem about Peter, published in Green Mountain Echoes in 1927:



Out on an orchard limb
Concealed by friendly leaves,
Climbing a beam in the barn
Nearest the teeming eaves,

Watching the mating of birds,
Finding each hidden nest,
Alert at a stranger’s approach,
Keen on a hunting quest.

Leaving a lifeless mouse
Lying inside the door
Spilling a basket of thread,
Rolling the spools on the floor,

Curled in a cushioned chair,
Asleep on a sunny mat,
Sleek and glossy and spoiled,
No rival has Peter, the cat.

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