September 10, 1926 and “Queen Anne’s Lace”

Fri., 10  A lovely day after the rain. Do some housework, make a pudding & look over some greens for “knitting work.” cold pack 14 cans. Am so tired I am frightened. Henrietta & Grace go blackberrying. Grace gets half a tea cup full. Miss Lewis calls while Grace is gone. Finish crotcheting the end of a runner.


I have no idea why she looks over greens for “knitting work.”  

And here is a poem (not one of her best) from Green Mountain Echoes.



The brightness of summer was in the air,

The lure of the morning was everywhere;

It lured Queen Anne from her palace of state

And she passed out thru the Royal Gate;

She closed the gate and strolled away,

Alone with the joy of the summer day.


The tall grass waved in the passing breeze

And birds were mating in the trees . . .

She sat down with the sun in her face

And drew from its hiding her filmy lace;

She knitted and knitted, for queens, we know,

Have fads like others, wherever they go.


She sat and knitted and drowsy grew . . .

Her stitches dropt but she never knew . . .

In the velvet grass where the spring-god slept,

And every stitch he treasured and kept.

The winds whispered soft above the place

Where Queen Anne sat and knitted her lace,

‘Til the western sun was hanging low

And even queens must homeward go.


When Spring released from their wintry bed

The growing things to the sun overhead,

Green spikes sprang up about the place

Where Queen Anne sat and knitted her lace,

And soon the ground was covered quite

With filmy flowers of lacy white.


The wind caught up each little seed;

The spring-god planted them with greed . . .

It may be the lady never knew . . .

Her stitches dropt and how they grew,

But you and I and every one knows

How Queen Anne’s lace by the roadside grows.



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