December 25, 1926

Sat., 25  Ruth comes in on the morning train. Helps me with the dinner, which we have at 12-30. Turkey, baked potatoes, squash, onions, celery, pickle relish, cranberry sauce, mince, apple & butterscotch pies, nuts & candy. Karl, Henrietta & Warner are our guests. After dinner we adjourn to the sitting room & receive our gifts. Mine are very fine. (following punctuation sic) Black velvet dress—pattern., Ben: luncheon sett (sic)—Karl & H. Picture from Warner. Bread board & knife—Grace:  Two pairs black stockings 2 prs:  bottle of perfume—Ruth:  Floor lamp—Tuttle:  Foot-stool—Anna. Picture—group—Anna.  It is quite warm & fine to-day. From Shirley—a guest towel embroidered by herself. A 5 dollar bill from Helen.

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