February 11, 1929

Mon.,11   Cold south wind & but little sunshine. Grace goes down with flowers after dinner. I do not sew. Am filled with rheumatism. Send “S-4” & The Plank Road to Hindley. Order Driftwood (sic—I think she means Driftwind) for another year. Letters from Ruth & Mrs. Frost. Card from Clarissa. Feeling very miserable & do not stop until after 12 o’clock. Read Esther Forbes’ “Mirror for Witches” which is a very truthful picture of the days in old Salem when “witches” were hung.


See http://dgmyers.blogspot.com/2008/11/esther-forbes-and-mirror-for-witches.html  and http://yvorwinters.blogspot.com/2008/09/mirror-for-witches-by-esther-forbes.html  I wonder if Ella thought that the “witches” in Salem were indeed worshipers of Satan.

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