March 5, 1929

Tues., 5   Election Day but I voted an absent member ticket. Rain all day, which turns to snow. Dumas doing the work & sweeping rooms. Grace goes down to vote after dinner, and to the “As You Like It” after supper. Do some typing but little else. Start the day with a bath. Read in Arthur Goodenough’s book of poems. Letter from Alga Frances, Arthur’s daughter. Fred LeBon elected Mayor again. My poem “Illness” in the Rutland paper to-day.

Here’s the poem again. It was eventually published in Homeland in the North (1936)


Swaying drunkenly

In the top of a tree

That stands on the shore

Of a fretful sea,

While the waves

Are droning

Incessantly . . .


It is no far cry

To the waves below,

The ceaseless moaning,

The ebb and flow . . .

It would be so easy

To just let go . . .

when the tide goes out

to drift away

To some far port

At the shut of day,

Where all the broken

And helpless lie

Under the murk of a darkening sky,

Awaiting the day

When the Healer of men

Goes down that way.

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