May 12, 1929 & “Crimson and White”

Sun., 12  Clouds. A quiet day inside but it is Mother’s Day & Grace has customers all morning & she has no time to attend church. Get part of a sermon but the speaker is not very good & we do not hear it out. Go to the Stevens House for dinner. Karl & Henrietta go to the Lake & have the Deans to supper when they get home. Write the Bulletin & read a little.


and a Mother’s Day poem:



A dismal rain was falling

On the eve of Mother’s Day,

When I unwrapt the package

Where a spray of flowers lay.

A dream of fragrant beauty

On a bed of soft repose!

A dear girl’s loving message

In the heart of a crimson rose.


Sweet perfume drifted ‘round me,

My thought went far away,

Beside a flower draped casket

Where a white haired mother lay,

I forgot the rain was falling

And the damp and dismal night;

For the flower I should be wearing

Was a rose of purest white.

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