May 20, 1929 & “Accusation”

Mon., 20  Morning devotions. Did not sleep well last night. Have a heart attack & have to lie still all day. Grace goes down town with Tuttle but comes home in time to get dinner. She goes to a rehearsal at night. I get safely to bed early. Write Gertrude a letter of thanks for the dress she sent me.


And a poem from Green Mountain Echoes that is, perhaps, revealing of a temper?  (There are 3 8-line stanzas in this, and ever other line is indented, but since I don’t use Word, I’m not allowed to format it that way.)



When we cannot sleep for thinking

And we’d give our very soul

To undo the crucial moment

When we lost our self control.

Yet we know that time will never,

For our wishing, backward roll;

All our acts will stand forever

When we lose our self control.

All our consciousness is burning

With the deeds we so deplore.

Yesterday has no returning

Or the many days before.

We may not undo our doing,

Scars are left time cannot heal,

Visions haunt our wakeful moments

And we know there’s no repeal.

But the future looms before us

And tomorrow’s page is clean;

Must we blot and blur its whiteness?

Must we selfish be and mean?

Must we yield to sudden anger,

Ever after to deplore,

When a Voice is softly saying

“Go, my child, and sin no more?”

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