July 24, 1929

Wed., 24  Morning devotions. Rain last night. I hoe a little in the garden & get a pan of greens. Ben & family drive in about 9-30 & have a short visit. Tuttle comes with peas for dinner & Ben goes on to the Cottage. The children are dear. Ruth goes to Burlington & back to dinner. Henrietta takes her club girls for a day at the cottage. Type “In July.” Mend a little.


And here’s the poem again. It’s from Homeland in the North



“What is so rare as a day in June.”

Days in July,
When the sunlit sky
Is bending low
To kiss the fields and gardens
Where sweet blooms grow,
Bending above the lily fronds
Lying prone on sylvan ponds,
On winding streams,
And gleams
On shining reels
The fishing boats betray.
Across the water steals
A song. . .
Idle, happy notes
That someway belong
To lovers’ throats.

Vacation days,
When sunlight rays
Thru lacing branches drift
On winding trail
And opening rift,
Some quiet shore reveals,
Where evening steals
So softly down,
And in her crown
A brilliant star
Shining in the blue afar,
Herald of the night,
The shutting down of day. . .
The moonlit track across the Bay
And moonlight thru the open door
White upon the Cottage floor.

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