October 16, 1929 and “Call of the Hills”

Wed., 16  Morning devotions.  Make a custard pie & get dinner. Will & Sarah Cotey come to dinner. Have a poem, “Call of the Hills” in “The Vermonter,” another “The Sabbath Day” in the Free Press.  Manley Marshall comes for flowers. His mother died this morning & his wife not long ago. Pick the last grapes off the stems & boil them up. Put grape marmalade into cans. Letter from Sinclair Lewis.


And here’s one of the poems, which was also published in Green Mountain Echoes:


I will rise at dawn on a summer day

And follow the trail thru the hills away,


I will make my camp where the pines grow tall

And fragrant needles softly fall.


I will pitch my tent where murmurs low

Like music drift from the river’s flow.


I will drape my couch with balsam deep

And inhale its fragrance while I sleep.


While the old world swelters in noonday heat

The mountain breeze will cool my retreat,


Bird songs will quaver from hidden shade

And squirrels will come to me unafraid.


I will stroll away with the still deep stream

And drop a line where trout fins gleam.


I will heed no hours save hunger’s call,

I will have no light when the shadows fall.


When the moon shines down on my place of rest

I will watch her glimmer on the river’s breast. . .


I will watch the stars in the deeps above

And my heart will pulse with the hills I love.


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