December 4, 1929 & “Calling”


Clear and sweet the birds are calling,

Sweet and white the blooms are falling,

Love and peace each breeze is filling . . .

Vibrant. . .joyous. . . heart beats thrilling;

This the dower we inherit. . .

Just our birthright not our merit

From our Father unafraid. . .

Good red blood the price they paid.


Overseas a voice is calling

From the trenches. . . dread . . . appalling!

All our peaceful valleys filling. . .

Searching . . searching . . . heart beats stilling!

In a breath our dreams are perished,

Gone the ideals we have cherished . . .

To wounded France, for life at bay,

Good red blood our sons must pay.


Still the sweet white blooms are falling;

Trumpet -toned the drums are calling.

Stars still spangle Heaven’s arching . . .

Hark, the sound of feet a-marching,

Borne upon the summer breeze!

Marching . . . marching . . . overseas!

Each one with a fighting chance

On the blood stained fields of France!


Nineteen hundred seventeen


Ben Fisher was a 2nd lieutenant in the Air Service from 1917-1919.  In 1918, he was in Italy. The 1918 diary contains references to that.

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