January 1, 1930 & 1932

The 1930 diary has not yet resurfaced. However, there is a Jan. 1  page in the 1929 diary, and this is what Ella wrote on it:

Wed., Jan. 1, 1930  Morning devotions.   Helen gets a nice dinner & picks up the house until it almost shines. We have a visit from Sorrel & Foster Danyow.


And here is the first of 1932, the diary I’ll be posting this year:

In the front of the diary, Ella wrote :Resolved–that I will keep better tabs on my cash account than last year.


There is also a newspaper clipping poem pasted in:

Just for Today, by Samuel Wilberforce


Lord, for tomorrow and its needs

I do not pray:

Keep me from any stain of sin

Just for today;

Let me both diligently work

And duly pray;

Let me be kind in word and deed

Just for today;

Let me be slow to do my will,

Prompt to obey;

Help me to sacrifice myself

Just for today;

Let me no wrong or idel word

Unthinking say;

Set thou thy seal upon my lips

Just for today;

So for tomorrow & its needs

I do not pray,

But keep me, guide me, hold me, Lord,

Just for today;  (sic)

Fri., Jan. 1  Morning devotions.  A dark, foggy morning. Helen goes at noon as far as Springfield, Mass. I do nothing today that really counts, but I have to begin on work for this year, hoping to accomplish something.  When the children come for a visit-vacation I am so lonely when they leave.  Resolved–if my present state of health permits, to do something worthwhile, for the days go so swiftly it is another year before I know it.



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One Response to January 1, 1930 & 1932

  1. Roseann Johnson says:

    Hello, It hadn’t occurred to me that there may not be a 1930 diary… This has become such a morning ritual for me. Thanks for posting, Mary. RoseAnn Johnson

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