May 9, 1932

Mon., 9   Morning devotions.  A lovely day. Henrietta takes me to Mother’s grave. She plants some geraniums, one on Abe’s grave. We stop at Colodny’s for luxuries. A letter from Ruth comes like a bombshell into the peace of this quiet place. Dear God, how little we know what is in store for us. I had so hoped that this terrible thing would not touch us again. Tuttle gets in touch with Jack. I write sister Helen & Anna. Mocking bird has left us unless he returns.

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2 Responses to May 9, 1932

  1. Roseann says:

    What happened with Ruth?

    • Stay tuned. Years ago, Ruth was hospitalized for a long time. I’ve been trying to figure out if it was a mental illness or TB. Now I’m fairly certain that it’s a mental condition. In later diary entries, Ella will report that she is at the State Hospital in New Hampshire, which was a mental hospital.


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